Jun 172010

Solo Scientific Aurora

Solo Scientific Aurora Fire Starter 2SA w/Magnesium.

Recently I’ve been getting hardcore into hiking/camping equipment. Primarily due to my end of the world paranoia.

Thankfully, now, when 2012 comes knocking at my door, I’m going to open it, whip this out and shower that apocalypse in magnesium sparks.

So just what does this thing do anyways? Well I could say start fires, but the product video would probably give you a better show.

As you can see, it doesn’t just set fires. It sets anything on fire! Anyways, on to the review.


It’s made of a full aluminum body with options of a 440c stainless blade or, like this model, a super alloy of cobalt, tungsten, and carbide.

The provided rubber o-ring is capable of keeping the water and elements out. I submerged mine and can attest to this. In actuality though, I intentionally got mine wet and it still sparked! tenacity in a storm? Check.

Long Lasting:
This thing will probably outlast my useful life. The internal magnesium rod has thousands of strikes and the hundred or so I’ve put it through (hey it’s fun) have yet to make a noticeable impact.

It really does light stuff on fire.

At a whopping $26us, it’s about four times as expensive as a standard magnesium fire starter. The performance is not 4x as good so why is the price 4x as high?

This would actually be a pro for most people but to me, it’s just too small. I’d rather have something sizable that felt really good in my hand than something that’s sized for a survival kit.

Like I mentioned above. Even after scrapping off the protective coating and practicing for about a week, I just can’t get much better sparks off of this than off my cheap $7 magnesium fire-starter, and that one comes with a a chunk of scrape-able magnesium too!

In the end, it’s a great piece of kit. I’d prefer to have this to one of the magnesium ones if I’m going to be gone for any length of time. This one seems built to last.

However, value wise, if your just looking for a great fire-starter to throw in a butt pack or in your car. Stick with the tried and true solution:

Magnesium Fire Starter

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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