Jun 172010

500 Roadblocker

My lovely backup piece. It just so happens that I grew up with a father who was quite fond of his mossberg 500, and a little of that love must have rubbed off on me since at first sight I knew I needed this.

As one of my two boomsticks, the other being a Smith & Wesson 3000, this thing is a loved member of my fire-arms collection. It’s also by far the newest.

Currently I have this thing holstered in a condor shotgun scabbard* that’s attached to my E&E Ruck* by Bug Out Gear. You know, for the end of days and all that.

It feels good in the hand, and it’s light enough to travel with. At only 18.5 inches and packing 6 (5+1) rounds of heat, it makes a good argument against the classic sawed side by side. It’s also legal, so there’s that in it’s favor too.

I’ve also bought a tac-star mossberg side saddle, which holds an additional 6 rounds, and when equipped looks awesome. The only downside is that when attached the shotgun wont fit in the scabbard, which for me is a no-go. Currently I have the side-saddle riding in a molle ar-15 mag pouch on the side of the scabbard.

*Reviews Coming Soon

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