Jun 172010

The SeV

Cotton Hoodie from SCOTTEVEST/SeV with Many Hidden Pockets – Zip Up Hoody – Zipper Hoodies – Hoodie with Pockets – Graphic Hoodies.

So this past week I purchused a new addition to my EDC. It’s the Scottevest Ultimate Cotton Hoodie.
Coming in at $70 + shipping it’s far from the least expensive. But as I was expecting quality, comfort, and massive storage I was willing to try this product out.

Let’s start with the pros.


Incredibly Comfortable. Currently it’s the middle of june, and I can’t take this thing off. It’s light weight and semi-breathable, and keeps me from getting sun-burned. It came with an already weathered feel about it, and I seriously appreciate that.

Cool Factor:

Cool Ideas went into making it. You can tell that they had a lot of good intentions when they were designing this thing. The pockets are plentiful and the magnets for closure on the hand warming packets are dank.

Key Clip:

It has a key-chain clip. I use this all the time since my job requires a swipe card to enter the building, and it makes forgetting your keys in the car a thing of the past.


The hood is roomy, but not enough that it will let the weather in.

Side Pocket:

The “Hidden” side pocket is perfect for my knife, cell phone, w/e. Though not well hidden.


The zippers seem to be good quality, and don’t feel like their going to break on their own.


Sadly this sweatshirt could have been so  much more. It’s unfortunate that they let some basic problems slip past.

The “PAN”:

The “Patented Personal Area Network” is severely lacking. Being a tech geek, I figured that wiring the sweat shirt would be a breeze. It’s not. It’s not hard by any means, but definitively not simple either.

This ties directly into the next and largest issue I have with this sweatshirt.

Other Pockets:

The pockets don’t hold anything! The pockets located on the left and right breasts are almost completely open at the top. This would be okay for a pocket you want to use to quickly stash something, or for some non-critical equipment you happen to be carrying. But these pockets are designed and designated as media pockets, for your iPod and Cellphone!

The first time I wore this thing, I decked it out: Phone, iPod, water bottle, keys, knife, fire-starter, compass. It was awesome. Then when I arrived at work, I threw it over my arm (it’s not “office attire”) and when I got to my desk, my phone was gone!

Now, I have a motorola razr, so 3-5 years ago, I might have understood that it was smaller than most phones, but today, with the invention of smaller and smaller, more expensive phones, that’s unacceptable. Luckily it only fell out into the hood of the sweatshirt, but ever since I’ve not put anything important into those breast pockets.


Like other reviewers said on their site, there’s alot of lose threads here. Everytime I find one I clip it or cut it with my knife, at least seven so far. If it keeps up, I’m not going to have a shirt left.


I’d have to say that I’m disappointed in this sweatshirt, and Probably wouldn’t buy it again. It might just be that I had high hopes for it, or that it seemed a lot cooler at the time I ordered it, and it is good enough to replace my failing old pull over, so I’m giving it the benefit of the doubt and it can score a solid 3/5 stars.

Rating: 3 (out of 5 Stars)

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